Isaac Huang

My name is Isaac Huang, and I am from Troop 396 from Brownsburg and recently completed the Fall 2023 NYLT course where I learned many useful skills and tools to help me become a better leader not only in my Troop but in school and life, too.

A few key skills I learned were effective communication, the stages of team development, and creating SMART goals. Not only did the course teach us these skills but it also allowed us to practice them while having a great time with other Scouts.

Since completing NYLT, I have been applying my new leadership skills with my Troop. I am very grateful for the scholarship that I received from the Carson Thomas NYLT Sponsorship Fund because it supported me going to NYLT where I learned important skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

Grant Pumphrey

At NYLT I had some great new experiences that were once in a lifetime opportunity that I had the pleasure of going to NYLT this course. I have so much from my two weekends there and I hope that with my training at NYLT it will help my Troop grow as we walk into a new chapter for our Troop. One thing that I have taken out of this is that its important to know who you’re speaking to. Thanks so much for this experience. -Grant